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1994 Massimo & Lorenzo

From Tailoring to Couture

In the early 90’s, after a youth spent between patterns, cutting tables and bundles of fabrics, Lorenzo and Massimo, both Arturo’s grandsons, officially initiated their history with the brand.

Ten years later, they were heading the Paris largest bespoke atelier and launched a strategic revolution starting a close collaboration with Hermès (1992 – 2008), absorbing other tailors, and revamping the Jacket style giving it a modern and active look.

I could recognize a Cifonelli shoulder from a distance of a hundred meters.

Karl Lagerfeld

The Iconic Shoulder Cut

Arturo's Masterpiece

The Cifonelli famous shoulder is cut toward the front and offers an unrivaled freedom of movement of the high armholes, which refine the figure. A large number of creations demonstrate this perfect command of forms and materials.

Milan-style buttonholes, step collars, special lapels and other stylistic devices perfectly simbolise the spirit of Cifonelli, a tru men’s haute couture company.

1880 Giuseppe

The Craftsman

The Cifonelli venture starts with an aesthete Giuseppe. Passionate about chic Italian elegance, he opened the first Cifonelli atelier in 1880 and founded the bespoke tailoring company.

The Cifonelli man is the embodiment of luxury. He is self-made and self-reliant, impeccable in every situation, and of course, supremely elegant – but never more so than when he is wearing the new Cifonelli Ready To Wear creations.

The Rake – 2015

1926 Arturo

The Genius

Arturo, Giuseppe’s son, took over Cifonelli brand with a clear desire to extend its influence abroad. He therefore moved to London to receive further training at the respectable Minister’s Cutting Academy where he graduated in 1911.